Clever heating concepts for an efficient energy use

heat with wood

heat with sun

heat with heat pump

heat with energy rating

The nature saves sun energy also in plants

Heating with biomass has ecological and economical advantages at full comfort. There will be only so much carbon dioxide like before produced with photosynthesis. Next to the different heating systems we offer you ovens from different manufacturers.

The sun is the largest and most efficient source of energy

Without any loss, the sun provides enormous amounts of radiotion energy, even if it does not appear.

With the one-time purchase and construction of a solar system, you invest in free energy for decades.

There are two possibilities of connection: Hot water supply and/or heating support.

A system like in your fridge

A heat pump needs only electricity and gets the free energy out of the ground, the ground water or the air.

The system works as in your fridge. The refrigerant in the interior is heat-extracted and discharged to the oudsite via the back. In the heat pump the heat is extracted from an external medium and pumped into the interior of the building.

A heat pump is not only friendly to the environment and energy- it also saves money every day. The heat pump works perfectly in connection to a photovoltaic system.

low-pollutant combustion

The occurrence of fossil fuels such as oil and gas are limited. In addition, carbon dioxide released during combustion contributes to global warming. Conventional heat generators still supply the largest part of our heat. So we have to deal sparingly with them and ensure a lo-pollutant combustion.

Fueled fuel technology ensures optimal energy utilization of fossil fuels.

Intelligent heating control

Not only the clever heating concept, but intelligent control also help you to save money and efficiently utilize heat.

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