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Solar energy




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Renewable energy

The future in the S.O.B.® Power Unit


The S.O.B.® is an intelliegent control unit and offers various possibilities for home automation. The energy distribution and monitoring of the consumers is thus centrally regulated and controllable via app.


The S.O.B.®is probably the most advanced and intelligent connection between solar power, heating, hot water and storage systems in Germany.

The S.O.B.® provides a wide range of possibilities to ensure optimal operation of your plant and to avoid unnecessary overproduction for the coordination of the producers. The additional link with e-mobility and safety technology as well as other systems is no problem at all.

With the S.O.B.®-App you control and oversee from anywhere in the world!

Intelligent heating control

Not only the clever heating concept, but also the intelligent control system, helps you to save money and efficiently utilize heat.

With the heatapp! simply equip your existing heating system with wall or floor heating, house, property or rented apartment. You can control every room individually, energy-efficient and comfortable at your convenience.

With the app- with a smartphone or tablet- you can regulate comfort and drop-off temperatures individually for each room while saving energy! The heatapp! is also controllable via your S.O.B.®-Tablet.

Heat anything.

The heatapp! works with almost any heat source, whether gas, oil, solar, heat pump or district heating. The system can be used in the single-family house with heating system as well as in apartments with central or floor heating.

Most efficiently.

With the system it is possible to change the comfort temperature of individual rooms. You can heat the room as you want it and of course only when you need it. So you save a lot of energy. The switching times for each room can be configured and the rooms can be individually named and mapped with photos.

Anywhere. Anytime.

The heatapp! system can be controlled via app via smartphone or tablet. You can therefore regulate the temperature of your house from anywhere and look forward to a pleasant temperature of well-being. The easy-to-use operating concept makes you an energy saver!