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Four trades under one roof

We heat you up...

Today, there are modern plants connected with regenerative energies that help to reduce energy consumption. The use of modern heating systems is worthwhile- after just a few years you can save money.

The Korbacher-energieZENTRUM is a master company in the realization of heating systems. Our services include planning of your heating system as well as delivery, installation and maintenance. We work with leading manufacturers and install oil and gas firing systems, wood and pellet boilers as well as heat pumps you.


ist als Meisterbetrieb Ihr Ansprechpartner in der Realisierung von Heizungsanlagen. Unsere Leistungen umfassen eine bedarfsgerechte Planung Ihrer Heizungsanlage sowie die Lieferung, Installation und Wartung. Wir arbeiten mit führenden Herstellern zusammen und installieren Öl- und Gasfeuerungsanlagen, Holz- und Pelletkessel sowie Wärmepumpen für Sie.

Our services

  • Alternative heating technology
  • Heat pumps
  • Cogeneration plants, KWBK
  • Infrared heating
  • Ice storage
  • Modern gas and oil-burning technology

We will not leave you standing in the rain...

The Korbacher-energieZENTRUM offers you as a roofing master´s company a high design freedom with a large selection of roof tiles as well as different installation types and windows. In accordance with your wishes, we advise you in the fields of expansion, reconstruction, renovation and new construction.

Our services

  • Roofing of all kinds
  • Roofing and repairs
  • Disposal of asbestos TRSG 519
  • Solar thermal, photovoltaic
  • Roof windows

We are under electricity...

As a master company of the electrical trade, Korbacher-energieZENTRUM is a competent partner in the field of electrical installation and control technology.

The technologies are constantly evolving, which is why an intelligent house not only offers comfort and safety, but also energy efficiency and environmental fiendliness.

Our services

  • Electrical installation house and trade
  • Emergency current
  • House automation
  • Lighting systems
  • Power storage
  • Safety engineering

We rely on you...

The Korbacher-energieZENTRUM offers many years of experience as a carpenter´s workshop. The specialists in the area of carpentry and timber construction look to experience and passion for the material wood.

We take care of the construction of carports, front door canopies, terraces, fences and gates. We will carry out These and further work in a professional manner for you.

Our services

  • Carpentry and wood construction of all kinds
  • Roof-top, roof docks, pergolas
  • entrance porches, terraces roofs
  • balconies and balcony roofs
  • FencesZäune
  • Carports

Conversion and restoration work

Project before

Project during the rebuilding phase

Project after the rebuilding phase

Individual wishes

Our team will be pleased to advise you individually in your conversion and renovation work. You are also welcome to come with special wishes!